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Meet Idetek

Its applications and solutions, which response to “Efficient Consumption” and “Saving” requirements revealed by the developing technology, bring IDETEK to fairly critical situation among its rivals in the market.



Idetek has provided new investments and feedbacks since 1998, whey it was founded, up to now without giving its principles up, and thus has accomplished trust of all companies served by it. Today, it has tens of domestic and international customers. It combines customer contacts with engineering experience and smart solutions and develops its service network without disconnecting to its former customers.


With Board Chairman Ergin KAYA and all employees, who make the “Capable to Create An Added Value”’ a principle, IDETEK family use their knowledge and experience provided by it for years to contribute to development of the market in trainings and workshops.



With its experienced staff and creative solutions, Idetek serves our country since 12 years.




Idetek’s Employees have







Ethic and

High Quality personality.


It keeps its personal expectations beyond benefits of its country and people, and is aware of that benefit of persons and organizations served by it includes its own benefit.




Ergin Kaya  

Board Chairman