• Lighting

As an illumination group, our goal is


To produce any illumination solutions to response any physiological and psychological requirements with minimum power consumption. For this purpose, we continue to launch any new appropriate products for requirements.  

80% of our perceptions are provided visually. For this purpose, the illumination is necessary firstly to implement any visual functions. Any illumination implemented by considering any physiological and psychological effects creates a comfort ambiance.
The illumination is a prestige and safety incentive fact through a visual effect it creates other than them. The illumination has a remarkable share within power consumption in the commercial buildings. Today, when power needs to be used efficiently, maximum efficiency should be obtained with minimum power consumption with minimum power consumption in illumination as well as other consumables.

Efficient use of any existing illumination system is possible through use of any proper automatic control systems. As known, the Turkish Power Efficiency Code was published and became effective in the Official Gazette dated May 2007 and numbered 25610. Goal of the Turkish Power Efficiency Code is to increase efficiency in use of power and power sources for purposes of using power efficiently, preventing waste, attenuating burden of power costs upon economy and protecting the environment.


Illumination Control Sustems;

Manual Control at “at discretion of people”

Automatic Control “Local control”

Automation “Central control”



One of the strategies used in the Illumination Control is the “motion driven control”. The motion sensors in the Illumination Control begin to be used commonly through its simplicity and power consumption. Use of the motion shall be compulsory at the official buildings in near future. At the private buildings, use of the motion sensors shall become common further through incentives to be given by the government in the scope efficient power use.



To ensure that the motion-driven control is proper;



·         Are there any times, when you use it?

·         Although there is nobody in volumes, do the lights remain illuminated?

·         Do the lights remain illuminated at the end of working hours?

·         When is the volume used?

·         Is it possible to keep part of the lights dim within working hours?



If answer of one or more of these questions is Yes, the illuminate is appropriate to control by the motion sensor.