• Building Management Services

Building Management Services

“Bring saving and comfort together at an optimum…”



IDETEK submits building automation system management and/or Engineering Support Services such as minimizing ay problems, and maximizing comfort and power saving at the buildings equipped by building automation systems. These services are:





 “Leave the job to its specialist…”

Operation of an automation system permanently under IDETEK’s responsibility:




For anybody having a building automation system at his/her plant

For anybody, who wants to focus on his/her business areas

For anybody, who is aware of significance of working with specialists in their subjects

Operators having knowledge on Heating – Cooling – Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Engineer staff having building automation and site experience  

Quick adaptation to developments

Permanent improvement

Expending lifetime of the systems – updating

Comprehensive reporting 

Analysis of reports

Determination and analysis of problems

Development of solution suggestions

Implementation of projects

Follow-up of implementation results

Complete domination to systems at buildings

Uninterruptedly operating system

Power saving






“Wherever you are…”

Periodic support of automation system with engineering knowledge

For anybody, who has a building automation system at a plant wherever in Turkey or all around the world

For anybody, who has a technical staff to monitor an automation system

For anybody, who knows added values of specialists in their subject to the system

For anybody, who does not know disruption of the system






Personal Care

Review of the building automation system before beginning to serve

Status report preparation

Periodical Support

Regular engineering support during periodical visits, vie model connection and on phone

Regular site and system monitoring

Seeking any solutions for system problems

Information exchange with technical team

Immediate intervention to failures

Its advantages are:

Different expert glance at the systems

Predetermining any failures with periodical care

Mechanical Audit

“What is condition of your systems?…”



Audit of mechanical systems:

For anybody, who uses his/her plant for years

For anybody, who holds a new plant

For anybody, who wants to now condition of mechanical systems

Controlling whether al mechanical systems operate properly or not

Compliance of systems and site equipment and their functions to the project

Condition of compliance of recently established systems to the specifications




Details of the project and operation functions for people, who have no document

Accuracy of mounting places and control of measurement adjustments

Review of any comfort problems experienced

Submission of solution suggestions, projecting, implementation and other services provided in the scope of mechanic audit

Its benefits are:

Determination and reporting compliance of Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems to the project by an impartial institution